Last update June 26, 2017

Pickleball Court and Dimensions

Level-Play and Player Ratings:

The Association provides periodic player ratings. There are various categories of skill levels ranging from beginner (1.0) all the way to expert (5.0). SCPA’s current group levels are 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 3.75+. SCPA evaluates levels on a quarterly basis and adjustments are made for players moving up or moving down within designated categories of play.

In recognition of our capabilities, Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association is authorized as the official player rating body for the Sunshine Coast by Pickleball Canada. The objectives of player ratings are:

1)  To facilitate level-play,

2)  To categorize players who are interested in participating in tournament

3)  To assist players in specific areas of skill development in order that they may move to the next level.

Players interested in being rated, and who have participated in tournaments, are encouraged to share with the Association their results and the categories in which they competed.

We will do our best to provide player ratings to those interested on a quarterly basis. All current player ratings assessed by the Association will be provided to Pickleball Canada.

Pickleball is a sport characterized by a fast learning curve. From shot-making to game strategy, SCPA members and coaches are always available to help players improve. However, the ultimate goal of these mentors is to make the game as much fun as it can be for everyone.



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Rules and Etiquette
International Federation of Pickleball Rules Book

For a simpler, “quick-read” version, check out  AZ Pickleball Fun at – this site also offers instruction and some helpful drills.

Want to improve your skills? Here are some excellent coaching resources:
Some helpful videos are offered on the Pickleball Coach site:
Check out Pickleball for All at

There’s also a host of YouTube videos showing the finals of various tournaments. If you haven’t watched a match between 5.0 level players, you are in for a treat and a surprise. The game is incredibly slow and soft . . . until someone makes a mistake. Patience is the virtue.