Last update November 20, 2017


Sunshine Coast Pickleball in Sechelt

The Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association Xmas party at the Blue Ocean Golf Club was a great culinary and musical success. Lots of well turned out diners and dancers swinging to the shuffle music chosen by DJ Andre.

Kudos to Carol Mollerup, chief organizer, and her more than capable and enthusiastic side kicks, Rick and Andre.

A special thanks to Plethora Fine Foods (https://www.plethorafinefoods.com)

on Cowrie Street for the nifty gift basket filled with delectable's and the SCPA members who bought tickets on this door prize and thereby donating to the Sechelt Food Bank. 


Sunshine Coast Pickleball in Sechlt

Pickleball  venues in Sechelt





SCPA is a non-profit, provincially incorporated society which fosters and promotes goodwill, fellowship, fitness, and healthy competition among its members. SCPA’s goals are to promote the sport within the community by organizing play, recruiting players to the game, and helping members develop their pickleball skills to enhance their overall playing experience.

SCPA is run by a group of volunteers who are passionate about the game and the healthy benefits that come to those who choose to play it.  Pickleball is for anyone at any age. The learning curve is quick and the camaraderie afforded by new friends is a big social bonus.

Pickleball is catching on everywhere in British Columbia if you would like to see the video "CLICK HERE"

Join in the Fun

You can become a member of SCPA for just $10.00 which includes a one year membership in Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO).

Call Karen Renfrew at 604-885-4107 or Tom Pinfold 604-740-2703.

Members are encouraged to interact with the SCPA’s 2015/16 executive to ensure that we are doing all we can to meet our mandate.

Board of Directors
Chair: Tom Pinfold - Email
Vice Chair: John Bell - Email
Executive Director: Karen Renfrew - Email

Secretary: Carol Mollerup - Email
Treasurer: Jurgen Kowalewski   Email
Player Development Director: John Bell - Email

Membership: Andre Casaubon - Email      
Directors at Large: Lin Buckler - Email 

                             Terry Karleen - Email

                             Rick Guiton