Last update June 6, 2018

Sunshine Coast Pickleball in Sechelt

About Us

Our mission is to promote and support pickleball as a positive activity by organizing play, helping players develop skills, and fostering a positive overall playing experience.

Statement of Values
Fun – We love the game, the camaraderie, and time we share as friends and competitors.

Health – This game is for people of all ages. Whether you are 25 or 75 it is never too late to join the sport and experience the healthy lifestyle

it represents.

Competitiveness – Critical to the enjoyment of the game is level play which we facilitate by a skills-rating system that is implemented at the venues where we play.

Sportsmanship – We value respect amongst competitors, and fair play at all times.

Sunshine Coast Pickleball was formed by Karen Renfrew, Dennis Regnier and Lin Buckler in 2009. With the help of several others, a level play program was developed and brought to the Coast. At that time the level-play concept was unique to the Sunshine Coast. There isn’t a better way for players of equal ability to improve their skills and play in a competitive, yet fun environment. Recently, the organization was incorporated as an association under the provincial society act. Karen, the Pickleball Canada Ambassador for the Sunshine Coast remains active in the association as Executive Director.


Several members have asked whether we are working on establishing a permanent pickleball facility. The answer to that question is “yes.” With so many new players joining our sport and the association, there is no question that the day will come when we will have such a venue. We ask that you be patient and mindful that there are several conditions that must be present before we move this project forward. In our minds, prematurely embarking on such an undertaking is not a prudent strategy for success.