Last update June 6, 2018

SCPA Members Clinics

“Please remember that due to the popularity of the member clinics sign-ups will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.”
Each clinic will be structured and organized according to player needs and experience. We anticipate sessions for 2.0-2.5, 3.0, and 3.5+ skill levels.

SCPA Clinics
Clinic #1:  Footwork and Positioning. The key to improved play is 0n-court preparedness. This is achieved through the correct footwork to allow the player to make the best shot possible. At levels below 4.0, the vast majority of points are lost on “unforced errors,” in other words, a player’s own error causes the loss because he or she hits the net or hits out. Shot-making is vastly improved when the player is well balanced. This clinic begins with balance and footwork fundamentals for ground strokes and volleys.

Clinic#2:  The Art of Doubles. Some might argue that this clinic should be the first in our series because improving the understanding of doubles “strategy”    is a quicker way to get results than improving shot-making “techniques.” However, as most of our members are experienced players we decided to go with footwork and balance for our first clinic, “strategy” as the second lesson, and “technique” for the final three clinics. Strategy is all about where you and your partner play, where to hit, and what shot to use to deliver the intended strategic result.

Clinic #3:  Ground strokes and Dinking. The better the skill level, the greater the need and the opportunity to master the dink shot. This shot is usually set up by the serving side on the third shot – the one that is made when their opponents have returned the serve and are now at the net. Dinking also comes in handy as a defensive shot when the opponent has smashed one at your feet. In this case  a dink return neutralizes play. How important is dinking? At the most advance levels, the team that dinks the best usually wins the match.

Clinic #4:  Mastering the Volley. Because 80% of the points are made at the net, volleys, like dink shots, are critical to success as one’s skill level advances.  This clinic concentrates preparedness and balance so that you maximize the time you have to return a smash and make your volley as accurate and potent as possible. We’ll begin with the fundamentals of the grip, the set-up stance, the “push” versus the “swing,” the step over, and basic footwork.  

Clinic #5: Lobs, Drop Shots, Overheads. These shots are seldom used but they can be extremely effective when the situation presents itself. The lob can be offensive or defensive, while the drop shot and the overhead are potent offensive weapons. The most difficult shot to master in pickleball is the drop shot and that explains why most players never use it. The overhead, however, is your chance to put the ball away. Strategy, positioning and technique are critical to ensuring the opponents’ return is ineffective.

Clinic Formats and Costs
To maximize the benefit to the participant, each 1.25 hour clinic will be  limited to 4 players. This helps to facilitate “game play” situations and provide adequate time to practice the techniques in drill situations. The cost per session for SPCA members will be $10.00 per person. This fee will be used to help pay for the facility rental and add some funding to the treasury for tournament rentals and prizes, and on-going Association administration.